A Glimpse into Australia's Ex-gay World (PP)

AnthonyVenn-Brown, gives an indepth look into the ex-gay world in Australia and New Zealand:
  • History of the ex-gay movement
  • Evolution of the ex-gay movement
  •  Who seeks ex-gay programs
  • ‘Ex-gay’ Methodologies
  • Differences Between US and Australian ‘Ex-gay’ Ministries
  • Mental Health Professional Statements about reparative therapies
  • Why ‘Ex-gay’ Ministries in Decline?
  • Testimonials You Won’t Read on an ‘Ex-gay’ website of those who once struggled with 'unwanted same sex attraction'
 For further information go to Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International website www.gayambassador.com or follow Anthony on Twitter @gayambassador

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  1. Well researched and put together. Concise and revealing ... well done! Sue


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