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Why Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International is needed 

Enormous unnecessary suffering is caused by people's lack of understanding about sexual orientation. This ignorance and misinformation impacts not only gay and lesbian people themselves but aslo their families and friends and the immediate world around them. This is especially true for those from religious backgrounds and certain cultures.

  • High suicide rates among LGBT youth and people from religious backgrounds
  • Existence of "ex-gay" programs that attract the emotionally vulnerable and tormented with false promises of change
  • Depression and other mental health issues caused by the perceived conflict of faith and sexuality
  • Self-destructive and obsessive behaviours as a result of internalized homophobia
  • Eventual breakdown of marriages when one partner believed heterosexual marriage would solve their 'problem'
  • Religious organizations and leaders reinforcing myths & maintaining stereotypes about LGBT people & their relationships
  • Fragmented relationships when families and friends reject the gay or lesbian person who 'comes out'

Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International's (ABBI) mission is to create understanding and acceptance for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual. transgender, intersex) people, empower community members and build bridges with religious organisations and leaders. This will be achieved by  providing education,  consultancy, resources and utilising social and media networks.

You can make a difference by supporting ABBI financially?

This includes individuals, organisations and businesses.  If you would like more information on becoming a friend, supporter, partner or champion of ABBI by giving regularly then send an inquiry email using this link 

You can make a one off donation or if you would prefer to set up a regular monthly donation via internet transfer you can do so using the bank details below. All donations of $20, $40, $50 or $100 per month are greatly appreciated.  

Bank: Westpac 
Account name: Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International 
BSB: 032 023 
Account No.: 292997

Will you help?

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